MusicWorks Site Gets a Facelift!

Now it’s even more amazing!  MusicWorks has spent the past year working on our new website. 

Our new site contains a great deal of information on music therapy for children, adults and seniors.  It is interactive and up-to-the-minute information is supplied on Google Calendar. 

Look for events on our Event Calendar.  Subscribe to our Newsletter.  Donate to our MusicWorks, a 501(c)(3) or Contact Us!

MusicWorks would like to thank:

  • The Ethel Sergeant Clark Smith Memorial Fund for providing funding for this project.
  • Microsoft “Philly Gives Camp” for providing the designers and developers for our new website.  Huge “thank you”s go out to Dani Diaz of Microsoft and volunteers Jeff Maher, Bri Lance and Matt Flick.
  • Michael Boornazian of Media Active, Inc.
  • Photographers:  Cheryl Ciccone, Dennis Brookshire and Rod Platt for their talent and expertise.
  • Yikes, Inc. for the final touches on our new website.

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