Grant Funding

MusicWorks applies for grants for Financial Assistance for clients, Operating Expenses, support for school-based programs and funding for Music and Office Equipment.


MusicWorks applies for Grant Funding to provide financial assistance for individuals that might not be able to afford music therapy sessions.  Twice a year, MusicWorks analyzes grant funding received to provide an annual commitment to new clients.

MusicWorks considers clients for Financial Assistance in April and October of each year for funding May 1 to October 31 and November 1 to April 30.  Requirements to apply for Financial Assistance are posted here.

As we open new music therapy centers, MusicWorks applies for grant funding for music and office equipment.  MusicWorks is grateful to Kershner Office Furniture for donating used office furniture for each of our centers.

For questions, contact Lori O’Leary, Executive Director at (610) 449-9669.