About Us

At MusicWorks, we specialize in finding little miracles.  MusicWorks provides music therapy services to restore, improve and maintain the quality of life of all individuals throughout the Delaware Valley who face hardships everyday.  The family of a child with autism is pleasantly surprised when their normally withdrawn daughter reaches out and communicates with others around her during a music therapy session.  Or a distracted boy focuses and plays a musical instrument.  These are some of the little miracles we see everyday through music therapy.

MusicWorks was established in 2002 by Jerry O’Leary, MA, MT-BC.  Jerry began facilitating individual sessions for seniors in their homes through COSA and working one-on-one with children.  In 2004, at the request of parent advocacy groups, MusicWorks began small group music therapy sessions for children with challenges.  Due to the lack of coverage by traditional insurance companies and the expense of individual, in-home sessions, MusicWorks began small group sessions in a Havertown community center.

Within a few months, word of our services reached families of adults with challenges and MusicWorks began a small group to provide music therapy sessions to those over 21 years of age.  At the present time, the oldest client attending small group sessions is 35 years old.

MusicWorks charges a nominal fee per session but it became evident that some families still could not afford to come to sessions on a weekly basis.  One family had such strong beliefs in the power of music therapy that they traveled 40 minutes each way for a 30 minute music therapy session.  At that point in time, the only site for small group music therapy sessions was Havertown, PA.

MusicWorks began the conversion process to a nonprofit corporation in 2006 so that we could raise funds for financial assistance for children and adults in need.  We have continued our expansion by opening sites in Delaware County to bring music therapy into the surrounding communities that we serve.

Today, MusicWorks is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit corporation with small group session locations in Havertown, Swarthmore, and Media.

Our four Board Certified Music Therapists service over 200 individuals weekly.