Dolores M. Buonanno, Daughter of Ida Buonanno, Senior Music Therapy Client

Music therapist, Jerry O’Leary presented himself as a true professional.  He demonstrated his caring nature, dedication and ability to bring out the very best in my mother.  Jerry approached each visit with contagious enthusiasm and absolutely worked wonders.  My mother definitely shows increased participation with each visit.

Jerry has given my mother a time to relax and really enjoy the music which was so much a part of her life before her illness.  This ‘gift’ is priceless.  I couldn’t be happier for my mother, in large part, due to Jerry’s intervention.

Kay Rinko, Daughter of Florence Rubright, Senior Music Therapy Client

A visit from Jerry O’Leary, known around here as the ‘fourth Irish tenor,’ is the highlight of my mother’s week.  She is 92 years old and after a two-month stay in the hospital, has severely limited mobility and is, for the most part, confined to the upstairs rooms of our house.

The lively hour of singing and playing is not only a joyful experience, it is an opportunity for Mother to share her love of music with her good friend, Jerry.  In addition, she gets valuable exercise through playing rhythm instruments and singing.

There is much anticipation; most mornings we’re asked, ” Is today Wednesday?” and we all look forward to Jerry’s visits and the sound of music throughout the house.

Aggie Lee, Daughter of Mary Lee, Senior Music Therapy Client

My mother suffered a stroke and we feared her time had come.   After COSA provided a music therapist, my mother’s condition has improved.  She is less depressed and anxious, leaving her more energetic and happy.

Thank God for music therapy.

Anna Thomas Jones, 100 year old Senior Music Therapy Client

Music to me is better than medicine.  It helps to maintain a quality of life and change my energy and moods.  A certified joy therapist, the whole experience lifts your spirits.  It reminds me of my childhood when I worked for a wonderful Irish lady.  She always had Irish music playing while I helped with the housework.  Nothing takes the place of memories like music.

Evelyn Hanners, Daughter of Catherine Lieggi, Senior Music Therapy Client

My family and I would like to thank you very much for bringing some happiness to our mother.  She enjoys listening to the great music and the fabulous songs.  My mother also enjoys playing the instruments and singing the songs that remind her of the good times from her past.

Margaret Robinson, Wife of James Robinson, Senior Music Therapy Client

Mr. Jerry and his music therapy is the best thing that has happened for my husband and me.  I hope that it will last forever.  Jim looks forward to it every week.

Rosa H. Hunter, Senior Music Therapy Client

Music therapy is a wonderful experience especially for the shut-ins.  Many people do not want to take the time for people who cannot do for themselves.  Music therapy serves this need.

Mary Lee, Senior Music Therapy Client

It would be wonderful if I could experience music therapy seven days a week.  It makes me feel tremendous.