From Erin, Mother of Robby (8 years old)

MusicWorks?  It sure does!  My son Robby is 8 yrs old and has been attending Jerry O’Leary’s music therapy sessions for almost a year now.  These sessions have helped Robby to become more aware and in tune (pardon the pun) with others and his surroundings.  The whole family has noticed an improvement in his attention, concentration and his ability to connect!  Keep up the good work Mr. Jerry.  Your success is our child’s success!

From Sharon, Mother of Jillian (6 years old)

Jillian has grown in so many ways through music therapy sessions.  As a mom of a child with autism, having music in my daughter’s life has been so important in her growth.  She is able to express herself so much more clearly and fully.  The joy and excitement that she is able to show through music is unbelievable and I have noticed that she has become so much more comfortable with who she is.  Jillian’s awareness of others and her ability to use language has improved tremendously while she is attending the music therapy sessions with Mr. Jerry.  I know that music and instruments have been a real key in her development.

From Vicki and John, Parents of Alex (13 years old)

Alex is a 13 year old boy with Down syndrome and he loves music.  Alex loves to come to music therapy and we have seen a tremendous change in him.  He retains what he hears and we communicate much better now because of music.  He is focused on the different skills that he learns and remembers them from week to week.  We are amazed ….. he’s teaching us!  The diversity of the instruments has helped him with his gross and fine motor skills; this is a great exercise for the fingers and mind.  Music has given him good eye-hand coordination.  He is truly confident when asked to do a task.  He takes up the challenge with whatever instrument Mr. Jerry gives him with a confident smile.  Mr. Jerry gives him room to express himself through music and we have applied some of the same skills at home in a sing-song direction with fantastic results.  As parents, we have seen the tremendous progress our son has made.  He is having fun and learning life skills at the same time!

From MaryKay McA., Mother of  Evan (7 years old) and Faith (4 years old)

My children, ages 4 and 7, who are both on the Autism Spectrum, have been receiving music therapy from MusicWorks since July, 2009.  The benefits have been amazing.  My seven year old son, who is higher functioning, has increased his eye contact and ability to engage with the peers in the class.  He looks forward to the sessions and tries hard to “out do” Mr Jerry on the drum each week.  My four year old daughter, who is lower functioning, has experienced huge gains with eye contact, engaging with peers, and her overall ability to socialize at the sessions.  A lack of joint attention is one of the hallmark impediments to socialization for children with autism.  She now looks at Mr Jerry and her peers for a response during music class.  She also sings the songs outside of class, looking at me to join in, clap or respond in the way they do in class.  She comes alive in music class.  Both children now request to have music playing at home and in the car, something that did not occur prior to music therapy.

Since beginning our journey with autism, my children have received various therapies, including speech therapy, social skill training, occupational therapy, behavioral therapy, physical therapy and special educational services.  MusicWorks has offered our family the first experience for our two children to not only receive “therapy” together, but to engage, enjoy, experience the fun, excitement and growth that music can bring.  They ask to go each week, they insist on sitting next to each other, they look at and talk to each other, all experiences they lacked prior to starting at MusicWorks.  The benefits of music therapy for our children have been wonderful and we are grateful to have MusicWorks in our lives!

From Marla M., Mother of Gabriel (10 years old)

I have a beautiful little boy who is ten years old and diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder.  My son is non-verbal.  We are so grateful for MusicWorks for their music therapy services.  Gabriel is very focused at his sessions.  Along with singing the songs, Miss Brenda incorporates sign language, which is very beneficial and enables my son to communicate.   He loves the dancing and movement incorporated into the sessions.  Each week, the children have the opportunity to experiment with different musical instruments.  What a treat, not only is Gabriel having fun, but this helps with his motor skills.  We sing the songs all week, using our signs, and we have a blast!  The title “Music Works Wonders” is the absolute truth.

From Marj H., Mother of Ian (7 years old)

When our son began at MusicWorks he could not sit for any length of time, did not know how to take turns and considered most music and instruments to be the source of painful noise.  He was very over-stimulated by sound.  In the year he has been attending MusicWorks he has increased his attention span and eye contact, takes turns easily and looks forward to every session!  He has a smile on his face when we arrive every week. He loves to listen to music! At home he has even begun humming some tunes and playing with percussion equipment appropriately.  He interacts with us more now!  This has been such a wonderful, positive experience for Ian!  We are so thankful you provide it!

From Lisa C., Mother of Jessica (8 years old)

Even though Jessica has only been to her first session, from the intake I KNEW that it would be something that she would LOVE. Mr. Jerry is amazing and she immediately felt comfortable.   Dancing and singing are some of her favorite things to do!  I hope that we can continue with MusicWorks for a long time!

From Linda T., Mother of Gregory (16 years old)

MusicWorks is run by very dedicated and caring people who wish to enrich our children’s lives.  It is a type of therapy that doesn’t feel like therapy and I really feel my son benefited from it by learning to follow direction, wait his turn, and be social with others, as well as enjoying music.  I would recommend MusicWorks to anyone!!

From Jeannine K., Mother of Meghan (3 years old), Founder of Delco Caring Network, Delaware County

Our 3 year old daughter, Meghan, has been attending MusicWorks since September, 2009. Meghan loves going to music!  She enjoys interacting with the other children and Mr. Jerry.   Since she began music therapy, our family has noticed a vast improvement in her verbal skills and in her ability to communicate.  We are very pleased with the wonderful progress that she has made during the past year.  We firmly believe that receiving music therapy from MusicWorks has played a huge role in her progress.

From Andrew and Chris M., Parents of Sierra (7 years old)

We think MusicWorks is wonderful!!!  After the first session, we immediately felt relief that Sierra was in the right program.  We had finally found the right fit for her needs and Miss Brenda is excellent!!!  Where we’ve felt judgment of Sierra from teachers of other activities/agencies in the past because she doesn’t fit the “normal” kid mold, we feel Sierra is accepted for who she is and for her needs.  We cannot thank you all enough.

From Donna B., Mother of Thomas (14 years old)

Thomas loves MusicWorks.  It is one of the highlights of his week.  He enjoys singing and especially dancing in class.  In fact, he’s usually up on his feet within a few notes of a given song.  Miss Brenda shows a lot of enthusiasm and is able to draw the children into singing, playing musical instruments, dancing and interacting.  Music therapy has helped with learning because he’s learning new songs and remembering the words, actions, etc.  The class also keeps him focused because he enjoys the music.  He socializes with his friends and gets to see the same people each week.  And now he knows their names.  Keep up the good work!