Typical Session

A typical small group session for adults runs from 30 minutes and may be structured like this…

  • Hello or greeting song
    Signals the beginning of the session and encourages social interaction within the peer group
  • Dance and movement activity
    Stresses social interaction, listening, following directions, and gross motor coordination
  • Sing along song
    Keeps the group focused and emphasizes vocalizing, enunciation, breathing, social interaction, and memory retention
  • Percussion improvisation
    A rhythmic musical activity using a drum, water jug or other percussion instrument that addresses musical timing, fine and gross motor coordination, creativity, improvisation, listening, and social interaction
  • Sing along song with hand motions
    Emphasizes focus and attention skills, rhythmic timing, hand and body motion, social interaction, and following directions
  • Musical improvisation piece with client-friendly instruments (i.e.  Suzuki QChord, guitar strumming)
    Promotes creativity and improvisation (cognitive skills), fine motor coordination, hand to eye coordination, direction following, turn taking and sharing, and patience while providing the opportunity to express their creative selves
  • Percussion eggs or Boomwhacker tubes
    Activity that encourages rhythmic play along with pre-recorded or live music.  Emphasizes fine and gross motor coordination, social interaction, creativity, listening, following instructions, and musical timing
  • Closing or good-bye song
    Signals the end of the session

The above typical session includes more activities than would probably be accomplished in 30 minutes.  However, it provides an array of choices that the music therapist could choose from to help meet the goals and objectives of each adult or small group.  The Hello and Goodbye Songs are standard in every session.

MusicWorks small group sessions held at our community locations are limited to six adults per session supported by a parent or guardian.